Every business owner knows that the secure and cost-effective transport and delivery of goods is a deciding factor in the success of any enterprise. The ability to ensure on-time delivery is a key factor that can keep you ahead of competitors

No matter the size of your company, the cost of transporting goods is a core business expense and you want to keep your fleet costs and downtime to a minimum without sacrificing customer satisfaction. This is where the Suzuki Eeco comes into play. With its 615kg load capacity, excellent fuel consumption and versatile cargo space, the Eeco is perfect for any business from entrepreneurs to large enterprises looking for flexible goods transport solutions.

Panel van security

If you’re on the fence about really needing a panel van rather than using another large vehicle that can also fit a fair amount of cargo, consider the security of your goods as it's transported around the country.
The Suzuki Eeco offers a completely covered and lockable load space that keeps your goods secure and away from prying eyes. All South Africans know that keeping valuables out of sight reduces the risk of theft. Thieves may know that panel vans are used for commercial cargo, but if they can’t see inside to make sure exactly what and how much is inside, hopefully they will rather move on to a sure bet. 
The Suzuki Eeco lowers the risk of cargo theft, which in turn lowers your overall risk of loss to the business.

Loading logistics

No matter what you’re transporting, you want to make loading and unloading goods as easy as possible. This reduces the risk of damage and increases turnaround times between loads. The Suzuki Eeco has sliding doors on both sides that come in handy when you’re working in small parking areas. The rear luggage door is wide with a low sill for easy loading and unloading.
The wide and flat load bay offers a loading length of 1 620mm from the rear door to the start of the steel grid partition that is fitted as standard between the loading bay and cockpit. The width of the load bay is an impressive 1 300mm and can easily fit a full-sized South African pallet, and with a height of 1 070mm, there is also enough space for large and bulky items.

Minimal fuel and maintenance costs

When choosing the right vehicle for your business it’s important to factor in operating costs such as fuel and maintenance. The Eeco is an extremely economical offering of 5.4L/100 km, which means you can get 18.5 km per litre, depending on load and driving habits. 
This panel van is powered by a multipoint fuel-injection system and a compression ratio of 12:1 for greater low-down torque that gives you the extra grunt you need with a full cargo space. The engine delivers 59 kW at 6 000 r/min and 104 Nm at 3 000 r/min and coupled to a manual five-speed transmission.
This specific engine is well known for its uncomplicated design and easy access to maintenance items such as spark plugs, engine oil and filters. Steel wheels with a small centre cap are standard, which reduces maintenance time and cost, making the Eeco an extremely efficient fleet option. Additionally, the vehicle’s 12V power socket is perfect for charging phones and GPS devices on the road, so you’re always ready for business.

Driver and cargo safety

Keeping your drivers and cargo safe is one of the most effective ways to lower fleet and transport costs. It lowers the risk of all transport related costs from accident damage to theft. The Eeco offers electronic stability control (ESP) as standard, as well as rear parking sensors, a high-mounted stop lamp and an anti-theft immobiliser. In addition, the vehicle has side-impact steel beams in the front doors and three-point retracting seat belts for both driver and passenger and a seat belt reminder that triggers a warning signal.
Comfortable seats,  air-conditioning and a 12V charge point for phones and GPS aren’t normally listed as safety features, but drivers who spend a lot of time on the road will quickly tell you that these play a big role in staying alert and avoiding distractions.

Your business vehicle is your brand

The reputation of your business relies on every single touchpoint throughout your supply chain, including your vehicles. The Eeco comes standard with a white exterior making it easy to apply branding while keeping repair and insurance costs to a minimum.
From your website to final delivery, there are numerous points where you can either improve or lose customer loyalty. Poorly maintained vehicles and regular delivery delays will create a negative impression, which is why it’s so important to opt for a vehicle that is affordable to maintain and can load enough to ensure you meet all your cargo transport deadlines.